Proud Provider of Lenovo Products

As part of our commitment to provide best-in-class products and marketing to our clients, we recently arranged to become a wholesaler of Lenovo products. This new partnership will allow us to add quality laptops, tablets and smart devices to our lineup of branded promotional products.

How does this enhance your brand?

Here are a few ways:

  • Customer Experience
    Some clients are already taking advantage of this offer, to improve customer experience.
    By pre-loading marketing materials and branded applications to a branded tablet, some high-end service providers
    have been able to transition an otherwise humdrum client onboarding process, into a memorable moment.

  • Environmental Impact
    While we LOVE the brand experiences made possible through a wide variety of print methods,
    a lot of print material is is created from a default position, with little planning. This kind of approach leads directly to the landfill.
    Using digital distribution methods, facilitated by quality tech products is one way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability.

  • Corporate Gifting
    It’s no secret that today’s culture LOVES technology. We use it for entertainment, for work, for health, communication, and most activities
    throughout the day. Gifting is a way of showing people that you value them. So, a gift of technology, which people weave into their lives,
    serves as a constant reminder that you care.

  • Lead Generation
    Few things attract attention like the word “FREE.” Offering in-demand technology as a giveaway promotion is an excellent way to collect
    data and marketing permission for generating leads.

These are among some of the most common ways that our partnership with Lenovo could help with your brand and marketing efforts.
Contact us, to get your program started!

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