Interrobang: The Lost Letter

You haven’t heard of an Interrobang!?
Have you been hiding under a ROCK!?

After designing several ampersands last month, I was feeling inspired to continue my typographical studies with an exploration of the seldom used “interrobang.”

I first learned about the Interrobang, from an article in “The Economist,” nearly a decade ago. (Link Below). A combination of the Exclamation point and question mark, the Interrobang is a phantom of trends gone by. The mark was designed to convey what it feels like to exclaim a question. Many typefaces once included the interrobang with their standard character sets, but with the rise of digital typography in the 1980s, slowly faded from common practice.

What is a type-enthusiast to do?
Naturally, I explored some creative approaches to the combined punctuation mark with enthusiasm, and a love for irony.  

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